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Landscape Design & Construction Process

Frederick Hann Associates Ltd. provides an effective system to create beautiful corporate and commercial landscapes and gardens providing enjoyment and value for years to come. Here’s how it works:

STEP 1. Project Planning: What do you want?

The first step in creating your project is exploring your needs and desires.
We’ll set up an appointment to view your property and to learn about your requirements, objectives and image you wish to convey to your clientele. We will discuss how you see the landscape being used and maintained. What is your budget? Over what period do you wish to create the landscape? How will the work be tendered, by invitation or tender call? Your answers lay the foundation for the design process to create a plan for your property. In the event that a topographic and geotechnical survey is required we will provide the technical specifications for your surveyors. The resulting product of Step 1 is a written program - description that defines the project planning and design terms of reference.

Step One

STEP 2. Master Plan & Design

Starting with a topographic plan of the existing conditions, we generate a concept sketch with optional layouts for your review and comment. For your larger projects that involve the participation of architects and engineers we will meet with them periodically to ensure the proper fit of your building requirements with the site and that the desired indoor-outdoor relationships and functional requirements are reflected in your site plans. Next we create a draft site plan(s) and prepare a preliminary estimate of the construction costs before meeting with you to present the design development options. Your comments and suggested revisions are then incorporated in the designs that lead to final Master Plan drawings and if need be a design brief report.

Step One

STEP 3. Construction Plans & Specifications

Once the Master Plan and preliminary designs are completed and approved by you, we prepare detailed Construction Plans, Specifications and Pre-Tender Construction Cost Estimates are prepared for your final approval. These professional documents are the key to ensuring that your completed landscape will meet your needs and expectations.

Step One

STEP 4. Project Tendering

Whether you solicit bids from contractors on your own or have us procure bids on your behalf we offer each client access to our exclusive contractor bidding service. Stipulated or unit price bids and construction contracts can be procured from our pre-qualified contractors to construct the design specified in your tender and construction documents. During the bidding process we the tender documents with contractors so that they have a clear understanding of all aspects of the project. Subsequent to receiving the bids from the contractors on the selected date we will prepare a comparison of each bid before presenting the information to you for your review and selection of the preferred contractor.

Step One

STEP 5. Project Management & Inspection Services

Our 25 years of experience overseeing the construction of the projects we have designed has resulted in an extensive list of satisfied clients and outstanding landscapes and gardens. We follow ISO standards and construction management procedures as set out by the Canadian Construction Association.

Step One


Please contact us should you wish for one of our project design professionals to contact 
you to discuss your landscape project and how our services can meet those needs.


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