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Frederick Hann Associates Ltd. has long and distinguished list of clients.


  • Memorial University of Newfoundland: St. John’s Campus
  • Grenfell College: Corner Brook Campus
  • College of the North Atlantic: St. John’s Campus

Civic & Public Authorities:

  • City of St. John’s: George Street Development Plan
  • City of St. John’s: Retail Core Area Development Plan
  • City of Corner Brook: Park Projects
  • City of Mount Pearl: Park Projects
  • City of Moncton, NB: Downtown Development Scheme
  • Town of Brigus, NL: Townscape Development Strategy
  • Town of Placentia, NL:
    Townscape & Cultural Heritage District Master Plan
  • Town of Trinity, NL: Town Centre Master Development Plan
  • Town of Bonavista, NL: Townscape Development Plan
  • Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency:
    CAS Waterfront Development Projects
  • The Grand Concourse Authority:
    Project Development Master Plan
  • Parks Canada: Western Brook Pond Development Plan
    and Construction Documents
  • Public Works Canada: Several Planning and Design Projects
  • St. John’s Port Authority: Pier 7 Development Scheme
  • Government of Newfoundland and Labrador:
    Government House Grounds Conservation and Development Plan
  • Bonavista Historic Townscape Foundation:
    Townscape Development Master Plan


  • The Rooms Corporation Museum, Archives & Art Gallery:
    Site Development Master Plan and Construction Documents
  • The Wilfred Grenfell Interpretation Centre:
    Site Development Master Plan
  • The Caraquet Cultural Centre, Caraquet, NB:
    Site Development Master Plan
  • The Grand Bank Historical Society:
    Mariner’s Memorial Commemorative Garden
  • The East Coast Trail Association: Trail Development Master Plan
  • The Rails to Trails Association, NL:
    Facility Master Plan to convert railway corridor into linear recreation system
  • Waterford River Development Foundation Master Plan:
    Linear recreation system
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Foundation:
    Heritage Districts Master Plan and policy
  • Parks Canada: Landscape development concept for
    Beaumont Hammel WWII memorial

Community Design:

  • Redwood Development Inc. - Country Gardens:
    Numerous private gardens
  • Terramine Development - Fox Creek Golf Community:
    Development identify and Numerous private gardens
  • Cambridge Estates Retirement Community:
    Senior’s retirement courtyards and gardens
  • Chartwell REIT Inc., St. John’s, NL - King William Village Site Development Plan: Senior’s retirement community


  • Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls: Rooftop garden
  • Economic Planning Group of Canada: Cape Random
  • Dept National Defense: EIA of low-level flying
  • Iceberg Industries Corporation: Landscape of bottling plant
  • Office for Urbanism: Downtown visioning
  • The Delta Hotel: Interior atrium space and entrance courtyard
  • McDonald’s Restaurants: Landscape planning for retail location
  • Irving Service Station: Award-winning landscape
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro:
    Reclamation plan for disturbed area; siting of transmission lines
  • Rogers Wireless Partnership: Siting of wireless tower
  • JT Swyres and Sons: Landscape plan for
    Swires Landing hotel and waterfront
  • Fishers Loft: Master Plan of country inn site
  • Terramine Development: Fox Creek Golf Course Clubhouse


  • Anglican Church of Canada: Historic burying ground
    interpretation and landscape development
  • Bowring Park Foundation: Fountain pond redevelopment scheme
  • Centre for Forestry & Environmental Studies Wilfred Grenfell College:
    Campus development
  • Colony of Avalon Archaeology Foundation:
    Archeological site development and interpretation plan
  • Cape Random Trust: Heritage cultural tourism interpretive site
  • Johnson Family Foundation: Harbourside Park development plan
  • Johnson Family Foundation: St. John’s Grand Concourse Master Plan


  • Rhodia Canada International Inc.:
    Decommissioning and landscape restoration plan for Long Harbour facilities
  • Albright Wilson The Americas:
    Landscape plan for phospohorus reduction plant and facilities
  • Voisey’s Bay Nickel: Reclamation plan for mining site
  • Whiffen Head Transshipment Terminal:
    Landscape plan for trans-shipment terminal
  • Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro
  • North Atlantic Refining Limited:
    Landscape plan for Come-by-Chance refinery
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