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“We planned our new landscape project with Frederick Hann Associates Ltd. and we strongly recommend his services. We were delighted with the design presented. Their supervision of the construction phase gave us the peace of mind we were hoping for in realizing a project of this magnitude.”

Nicholas Pilote, MD and Fidelia Silva, MD
Fox Creek, Dieppe, NB

“I recently built my own custom designed house that I love and adore. However it was sitting on a very ordinary plain rectangular lot. Fred Hann transformed this homely rectangle into a beautiful garden which I love and adore. I am the envy of my neighbours and friends as this lovely garden is so unique, filled with wondrous surprises, and just as important to me, as a busy single person, it is so easy to maintain. Thank you so much Fred for the joy you have given me.”

Ruth Canning
St. John’s, NL / Halifax, NS

Ruth Canning

“Now that we have seen the landscape over three seasons we can say without reservation that the garden design has met our expectations and then some.  It was a big project and your design people along with your good self saw our vision and made that vision a reality. Thank-you”

Gail and Allan Bell
Middle Cove, NL

Gail and Allan Bell

“Fred Hann, landscape architect and his talented team of designers and technical staff worked wonders on our property. The design they created for us tied all the loose parts together such that our home and the surrounding landscape over looking our pond came together in visual harmony and delight. They helped us create a wonderful property to enjoy with family and friends.”

Stephen and Eleanor Winter
Portugal Cove, NL

Stephen and Eleanor Winter

“Frederick Hann Associates Ltd. offers my customers valuable design services and programs. Fred’s attention to their needs and desires, his sensitivity to the characteristics of their properties combined with his superb design skills, are unique throughout the landscape and nursery industry across Canada. For many people the prospect of creating a garden is daunting. Fred and his talented team provide a level of assurance and convenience that makes creating a garden as easy as 1, 2, 3.”

Michael Murray
President, Canadian Nursery Landscape Association
President, Murray’s Garden Centre
Murrays Pond, Portugal Cove, NL

“Fred Hann and his staff helped me create an outstanding property at my residence in Beachy Cove over looking Conception Bay, NL. I highly recommend Frederick Hann Associates Ltd. to anyone who requires high quality landscape architectural design services.”

Craig Dobbin, Chairman
Canadian Helicopters Corporation
St. John’s, NL

“Over the years we have had the pleasure to retain the design and project management services of Frederick Hann who helped us create a peaceful and relaxing country atmosphere in the city. Never before have we seen it look so luxuriant with plant materials, and structural features holding our interest so late in the year. The recent additions of the potting shed and summerhouse were integrated, such that they look as though they were built with the house fifty years ago. Our family and friends are charmed with the property and have remarked on the garden oasis and its ability to accommodate both informal and formal activities.  Needless to say, we would be honoured to commend his services and work to anyone who wishes to create a beautiful property. Our thanks to Fred and toast his excellent work.”

Gordon Noseworthy, MD & Faith Stratton, MD
St. John’s, NL

Gordon Noseworthy, MD & Faith Stratton, MD

“When we first saw Fred’s concept plans for our new property we were thrilled and thought - "Wow, a new home and a substantial garden!" From design to the end of construction the process was engaging, at times challenging but always rewarding. Fred and his staff kept the contractors focused on achieving our big vision. Seeing the garden develop and now observing and enjoying it as it changes throughout the seasons is a thrill everyday.”

David Hawkins & Lorrie Bell-Hawkins
Dieppe, NB

David Hawkins & Lorrie Bell-Hawkins

“Frederick Hann Associates Limited have designed the most wonderful and satisfying gardens for a number of my real estate renovation projects over the past several years. Fred’s designs are outstanding and always blend into the landscape and look like they absolutely belong there. His usage of local stone, unconventional materials and decking on the designs provided were a major contributitor to the resale of these properties. Fred is a visionary and his eye for detail is evident in the drawings and spaces he creates. Fred Hann is a businessman who is prepared to go the distance on a project that he believes in and I have found him to be fabulous to work with. His professionalism is second to none and I look forward to a long and prosperous partnership on future projects.”

Ann Bell
Ocean Front Vista
St. John’s & Trinity Bay, NL

Ann Bell

“Our project with Frederick Hann Associates Ltd. has evolved into a purely satisfying experience. Their highly professional and knowledgeable staff helped us through every step of this challenging process in order to produce a simply beautiful final product. Their creative and unique design tied into an impressively precise and detailed plan truly reflects our vision of a dream landscape. We can’t wait to see it all come to life next spring.”

Michael & Geneviève Toupin
Dieppe, NB


”I have never seen anybody who can convert a complex accident or crime scene to an accurate 3-dimensional model with the skill and attention to detail that Fred Hann brings to the task. His amazing talent for re-creating a crime or accident scene is matched by his ability to explain the results of his work in terms easily understood by the layperson.”

Sal Fariello
SAE, Forensic scientist

Sal Fariello

Fred prepared a spectacular design for my property. Now I need to get him to cut the grass!

Julia Bray, Partner



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