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Program of Fees

Fees are charged on per diem / hourly rate basis or as percentage of construction cost depending on the level of detail and the scope of work to create your beautiful garden. The requested fee and payment schedule is as follows:

Service Description Payment Schedule
On Site Consultationmore Fee based on per diem hourly rates.
Plans for Specific Garden Areasmore Fee based on per diem hourly rates.
Custom Design Service
Service Description Fee & Payment Schedule
Stage 1 Master Planmore A percentage due at start of work balance due on completion of design.
Stage 2 Prepare Construction Documents & Solicit Bidsmore Fee to be negotiated and charged on per diem / hourly rate basis or percentage of construction cost. Invoices are due and payable upon receipt.
Stage 3 Contract Administration
& Inspections During Construction (Optional)more
Options available. Fee based on per diem hourly rates. Invoices submitted Bi-weekly, due and payable upon receipt.
Supplementary Technical Services (Optional)more Fee based on per diem hourly rates.

Invoices are due and payable upon receipt. Major Credit cards accepted.

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Supplementary Technical Services (Optional)

In the course of preparing plans and detailed designs, occasionally specialists technical services are required to assist the landscape architect prepare the plans.

Additional design services beyond the scope of initial agreement according to customer instructions.

Contract Administration
& Inspections during Construction (Optional)

The provision of administration and inspection services of the contractor’s work to check the compliance with the Construction Contract Documents. Some property owners wish to oversee the construction work without the assistance of the landscape architect and thus do not require the full compliment of services provided by Frederick Hann Associates Ltd. The full scope of the contract administrative and inspection services offered include the following:

  1. Review of contractor’s project construction schedule.
  2. Review of samples of construction materials for general compliance with the Contract Documents.
  3. Periodic meetings with the contractor coupled with site visits to check the conformance of the contractors work with Contract Documents (the number of meetings and site visits will be clearly established at the start of construction).
  4. Report to you on the progress of construction;
  5. Review contractor’s progress payment claims, and issuing progress claims/certificates and change orders.
  6. Assist in the interpretation of the Contract Documents.
  7. Carry out review at the conclusion of the Contract, and issuing a Substantial Performance Certificate.

In addition to the full scope of administration and inspection services you have the choice of two reduced options for services depending on your level of involvement in overseeing the construction work. They are as follows:

Prepare Construction Documents
& Solicit Bids

Detailed drawings and specifications that contractors will use to prepare and submit a bid and follow upon contract award to construct the new design for your property.

Soliciting of Bids: You need an experienced and attention to detail contractor who matches your budget. This means that you must get the prices nailed down early and clearly so that you can get on with the process of building your dream property. The services we provide in this step work towards achieving this objective. The services include:

  1. Preparation of pre-tender construction cost estimates.
  2. Preparation of tender documents.
  3. Distribution of tender documents to pre-qualified contractors.
  4. Providing clarification to bidders and suppliers during the tender period.
  5. Review and evaluation of tenders submitted by contractors with recommendations to you.
  6. Preparation of Construction Contract Documents for signature and arrange for signing and distribution to the contractor.

Master Plan

The garden / landscape plan for your property shall consist of the following:

Plans for Specific Garden Areas

We prepare plans for garden areas that may feature a particular plant or plant type(s);

A particular style or aesthetic:

A particular types of garden:

On Site Consultation