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Fred began his landscape architectural career in 1980 in Newfoundland, leading neighbourhood improvement planning, landscape architectural and environmental design projects for corporate and public sector clients. In the recession of 1982 his career took a major change in direction when he ventured outside the comfort zone of being gainfully employed into the world of private enterprise and started a landscape architectural consultancy and a design-build business. He is a member of the CSLA, CNLA and their component organizations.

While designing and building private residential and commercial projects he developed a deep understanding of the challenges that surround the process of helping people weave their landscape and garden creation dreams and turn them into reality. Through these experiences his approach to landscape architecture and his life was forever changed!

He is an advocate of the concept that sustainable land practices enable natural and built systems to work together to protect and enhance the ability of landscapes to provide services such as climate regulation, clean air and water, and improved quality of life.

Today his design work is found in downtown entertainment districts, private gardens, in corporate landscapes, in the developed natural attractions of national parks in Canada and Scotland, in memorial gardens and in linear parks that weave their way through spectacular coastal landscapes.

Fred is often asked to speak about creating beauty in our cities and private gardens. He has won awards for his design work that reflect his passion for creating beautiful landscapes. He is currently helping a national non-profit health advocacy organization create a series of “Gardens of Hope™” in the provincial capital cities across Canada.

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