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The first step in creating a new landscape or garden is to participate in a complementary Starter Session.

Like you, we dislike slick, aggressive salespeople. Our promise?
We will never try to sell you. We’ll help you build your dream.

What to expect?

The complimentary Starter Session can be done by phone or face-to-face. We’ll ask questions and listen before we make recommendations. At this meeting we both decide if there is a fit between you and us. This Starter Session meeting has only two rules.

  1. Total openness and honesty with each other.
  2. It is OK for either of us to end the conversation at any time.

Prior to the meeting we’ll send you a copy of the Beautiful Garden Starter Kit™ with a series of questions to make effective use of your time during the meeting.

Your needs and goal?

What is the current condition of your property? Where do you want it to be like in the future? During our Starter Session you will be asked to provide an introduction to your personal situation, your needs, wants and desires, your dreams, your future goals for your property, and the issues you believe are currently holding you back from achieving a beautiful garden.

Your commitment?

You have come to us because you are challenged in achieving a beautiful property. So how committed are you to rising to the challenge or achieving your goal? How much time and money are you prepared to invest in realizing your dream of a beautiful garden? What are you willing to do? What will you not do? What would like us to do?

Your options?

Only after we have defined your expectations and goal can we explore your options, and decide which of our design programs are best suited for your situation. We could recommend one of three options, or tell you we are unable to help.

The next step?

It’s now decision time. Do we both agree there is a fit between us? If we do, we sign an agreement, you sign a cheque and then we roll up our sleeves and start the process of preparing your plan.

We are your connection to a beautiful garden - Garden Connections.

Need more time before you call?
Make sure you read our blog, and review our services, we’ll wait.

Ready now?

Please call us to arrange an appointment for a Free Starter Session and receive your Beautiful Garden Starter Kit™. 1-877-388-1008 (Toll Free)

or make an online request for Beautiful Garden Starter Kit™

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It’s your next step along the path to create a garden of your dreams.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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