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The Beautiful Garden Creator Process

It’s your path to a beautiful garden. Roll over the graphic of the steps of the Beautiful Garden Creator Process to reveal the details for each of the steps.

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Beautiful Garden Creator Process

Complete this Starter Kit

Beautiful Garden Creator Process

Starter Session

Explore your needs and desires with a Garden Design Coach; get your questions answered and help you choose the best path to follow.

Beautiful Garden Creator Process

Choose Your Path
On Site Consultation:

During a single visit, to provide basic design requirements for smaller projects the landscape designer will meet with you at your property to help you create your garden plan and blueprint. Your package includes plant and material suggestions and how-to guidelines.

Beautiful Garden Creator Process

Choose Your Path Detailed Plans
for Specific Garden Areas:

This service provides detailed design planning for garden components or specific areas of your garden or property.

Beautiful Garden Creator Process

Choose Your Path
Custom Design Service:

Do you need a worry-free, professional solution? Contact us to hire one of our landscape architects to create a plan that brings your ideas to life. We will manage the design and development of your unique garden, from start to finish.

Beautiful Garden Creator Process

Create your Beautiful Garden

Our affiliated garden centers and service providers will help you along your way with beautiful plants, garden products, supplies and even services to build and maintain your garden.

Beautiful Garden Creator Process

Enjoy your Beautiful Garden

We will provide you with an owners manual of guidelines to maintain and enjoy your new beautiful sanctuary for years to come.

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